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Misunderstanding Europa II…

Misunderstanding Europa II…

deep water, currents, cold tendrils,
descend on to the coral,
and the warm rocks,
phosphorescent with intelligence,
like the thoughts of a prisoner,
the cradle of a civilisation.
Descend, in an aquasphere,
with four windows,
mirrors and a flame,
twirling on the rope,
an inverse lighthouse,
descend, rotate, perambulate.
Hidden thoughts lurk
amidst the crannies and the crook,
fleeting, grasping, they flicker and feed,
on open thoughts queueing
like rainbow fish for the cleaner
with bemused fin waggle.
Deeper, more curious,
beyond rare fluroescence,
trickling streams of luminescence,
beyond booming ominous silence,
to the sulphurous vents in the dark.

To know you, to become you,
the flame of my bathyscaph,
consumed by the flames of your heart.


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